Sunday, 31 January 2016

Pankaj Saharia of Shrewsbury - Civil Engineering Versus Structural Engineering

Civil engineering and structural engineering can be easily confused. Pankaj Saharia is a structural and bridge engineer in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts who has an extensive education in civil engineering. Many people who have no background in engineering wonder what the difference is between civil engineers and structural engineers. Structural engineering is a subfield of civil engineering.

Pankaj Saharia Shrewsbury
Pankaj Saharia Shrewsbury

Civil engineering is a broad field that is comprised of several different engineering subfields. Civil engineer focus on the design, construction, and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment. These professionals are involved with roads, bridges, canals, dams, and buildings. They focus on improving an urban area and making it more livable for the residents. These engineers may specialize in a branch of civil engineering such as construction, earthquake, water resources, geotechnical, environmental, forensic, transportation, or structural engineering.

Structural engineering is a specialization within civil engineering. These professionals are experts on structural systems and often work on bridges, buildings and other structures. Their goal is to design structures that will safely bear loads and last indefinitely. Structural engineers often have additional specialties. Some may focus on bridge engineering, while other focus on either commercial building, or residential home engineering. These professionals have years of education as well as onsite experience. Their responsibilities often include in-house design, overseeing construction sites, and solving any issues involved with construction sites.

Pankaj Saharia Shrewsbury is a structural engineer who focuses on bridge engineering in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. He is a reliable and highly skilled project manager with years of engineering experience.

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Pankaj Saharia of Shrewsbury - Tips For Successful Project Management

Having established himself as a talented and successful structural engineer, Pankaj Saharia Shrewsbury has moved into a project management role in recent years. He currently maintains a team of professionals in Shrewsbury, ensuring that projects are completed on time, in budget and to the client’s satisfaction. He has the following pointers for people who are just moving into a similar role.

Pankaj Saharia Shrewsbury
Pankaj Saharia Shrewsbury

Pick Wisely

Each member of your team will have specific strengths and weaknesses, so it is important to consider these when making your selections. You need to create a team of individuals that complement each other well, while also making sure that the team as a whole has all of the skills necessary to deliver the project.

Set Goals

It is vital that your project team understands the aim of the project and their specific role in order to get the best out of them. As such, you should make the effort to communicate project goals right at the start, reiterating them as needed. Create a project roadmap, as this will allow you to handle any issues that arise as quickly as possible.

Be Available

A lot of projects fail because of a lack of communication between the project team and management, so it is crucial that your team is comfortable communicating with you. Pankaj Saharia Shrewsbury, who works with his project team in Shrewsbury, recommends arranging regular meetings that allow everybody in the team to provide updates and voice concerns, in addition to maintaining a positive attitude that will help to keep everybody motivated.

Saturday, 16 January 2016

Pankaj Saharia of Shrewsbury - What You Should Know About Overhead Coverage Systems

Pankaj Saharia is an experience engineer who lives in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. He has worked on several projects throughout the United States and the world. He worked with the Transatlantic Program Center (TAC) and the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and received high accolades for outstanding contribution to the Overhead Coverage System in Iraq. This was an important structure that helped the United States.

Pankaj Saharia Shrewsbury
Pankaj Saharia Shrewsbury
An Overhead Coverage System is a structure that provides protection to buildings and facilities in Iraq. These structures were located in hostile areas, and needed to be protected from missile and rocket attacks. The goals were to develop a structure that would prevent the facility from being seriously damaged during an attack.

This project was the first of its kind and utilized the expertise of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers research and development center and the USACE protection design center. Their goal was to retrofit existing building and facilities without impacting operations. This project has several technical and logistical challenges such as completing the project quacking in a remote and hostile location that had extreme weather conditions, a shortage of labor, the need to keep all facilities operational, the absence of building documentations, and the need to accommodate difficult soil conditions.

Several engineers were called on to tackle this challenge. The Overhead Coverage System project was completed and have performed as designed. Pankaj Saharia of Shrewsbury was one of the engineers who took on this project, he helped design these systems and protect facilities in Iraq.

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Pankaj Saharia of Shrewsbury - Tips For Staying Determined

Pankaj Saharia quest for knowledge and an enriching career has taken him from India to Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. He knows that there were many different factors in his success, but he believes that fact that he is a determined person by nature has allowed him to create and grasp opportunities more often. He offers the following tips for people who are struggling to stay determined.
Pankaj Saharia Shrewsbury

Create Micro goals

You will like have an overall goal in mind and it is important to make that the priority. However, a large goal can often be intimidating, which can have a negative effect on how determined you are to reach it. By breaking your goal into micro goals, you get to enjoy a sense of achievement with each micro goal that you reach, while also ensuring you constantly work towards your main goal in the process.

Stay Healthy

Health is often underrated by people who are looking to achieve in life. However, issues like a lack of sleep or large weight gains can have a detrimental effect on your health, making you far less determined that you would be if you stayed healthier. Try to eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly and get all of the sleep that you need to keep your body and mind focused and energized.

Avoid Comparisons

It is healthy to aspire to be like somebody else, but you should avoid comparing yourself to your inspiration on a regular basis. Pankaj Saharia, of Shrewsbury, recommends following your own path to your goals, rather than trying to follow somebody else’s, as this will allow you to do things in a way that is comfortable to you while also offering an enhanced sense of personal achievement that you will always want to strive towards.

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Pankaj Saharia of Shrewsbury - Golf Driving Tips

Pankaj Saharia is an accomplished structural engineer who came from India to start his career in the US. After receiving his Master’s Degree in Structural Engineering, he quickly became a part of engineering in the United States. He has been a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers for over twenty-five years. He has also been a member of the United States Green Building Council for over ten years. On top of that, he has received an accolade from the US Army Corps of Engineers for outstanding contributions to a project in Iraq at the Transatlantic Program Center.

Pankaj Saharia Shrewsbury
Pankaj Saharia Shrewsbury

While he is always striving to work hard so that he can improve the world, he needs time to unwind as well. That is why when he is not at work you can often find him on the golf course. He says that he loves playing golf and could spend all day on the course.

If you are like Pankaj Saharia of Shrewsbury and want to improve your overall golf game, you may want to take a look at what the professionals are saying. One fast way to improve your golf game is to get a stronger drive. According to an article by, position of the ball before the swing is important. Russell Henley, a writer with Golf Digest, offers this advice: “Pay attention to your ball position. It should be in a spot where—if you simulated impact—the shaft of the driver would be straight up and down from this face-on position.”

Pankaj Saharia Shrewsbury thoroughly enjoys the game of golf.

Monday, 11 January 2016

Pankaj Saharia of Shrewsbury - Why Everyone Should Help those in Need

Pankaj Saharia Shrewsbury is a talented engineer in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. He is dedicated to making the world a more beautiful and livable place and is compassionate towards others. He believes that it is important for everyone to help their community and to give to those in need. There are several ways to help the needy and provide support to your community.

Pankaj Saharia Shrewsbury
Pankaj Saharia Shrewsbury
If you want to help people who are less fortunate, there are several ways to support them. You can find a local charity organization that provides outreach programs in the community. These organizations are always in need of funds. You can offer them a small monthly donation so that they can provide people and families with much needed resources.

If you do not have the funds to provide a monthly donation, your time is worth just as much. Spend a couple of days a month volunteering with local organizations. You can volunteer at a local food banks, or you can spend some time working in a local shelter. These organizations are always happy to have new volunteers.

Most cities have families who are in need of shelter, food, or clothing. You can do a lot to help these families. Go through your home to find gently used clothes, toys, and household items that you do not use anymore and donate them to local outreach organizations. There are many families who need these items.

Pankaj Saharia is a compassionate man who is always looking for new ways to help the communities of Shrewsbury, Massachusetts.